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Some Rules may apply to certain types of equipment, but each player must consist of the following:

A jersey that represents the team, normal clothing is forbidden. This doesn't apply if the player is wearing casual clothing under the Sport Jersey.

A pair of shorts

A pair of boots with no screws or metal studs. Metal Studs are not permitted for grass surfaces.

Shinpads are to be worn from below the knee to the ankle. These are used for protection for the legs, for example when attempting a tackle.

Long socks to cover the shinpads. NOTE: Some socks must be a certain coulor, for this team the sock colour must be white.

Goalkeeper gloves (Only if you are the chosen goalkeeper for the match)

What NOT to wearEdit

Any body piercings.


Costumes while playing, such as: wigs, decorations. etc

Singlets (ones that are worn by themselves) are NOT permitted for play of Football.

Equipment needed for playEdit

A goal, for scoring obviously.

A linesman.

Four corner flags at each corner of the field.